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Chasing the Freedom

Jun 6, 2018

Growing up in a single-mom household with 3 sisters, Shamangy was inspired to find solutions for the things in life that seemed challenging, like "how do we become and stay happy?", "how do we enable ourselves to make the income that we want and need to live our ideal life?", "how do we make sense out of what is happening in this life?" and "how do we work as individuals?". Intrigued by these questions, chose to study Psychology where she found some of her answers, but not all. After school, she continued on her journey of discovering what life means and how we create it for ourselves. Fascinated by traveling and living an independent lifestyle, she chose to become an entrepreneur to make this dream a reality. She poured herself into researching everything she could find online and ended up making 100K in 100 days through the dropshipping business model. Now, she's dedicated to helping others achieve their personal dreams by challenging them to become an independent, entrepreneurial thinker who realizes they're capable of fulfilling their potential.

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