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Chasing the Freedom

Aug 2, 2018

Kelsey is the founder and brand designer/strategist of Wild Side Design Co. When she was 18 she booked a one-way ticket to Brazil with $600 to her name and not a word of Portuguese in her vocab. She had no formal education or degree, so taught herself the ropes of starting an online business with only a secondhand laptop and her trusty sidekick: Google. 
Over the past 3 years she’s grown her business as she’s hiked, biked, sunbathed and samba’d her way down the coast of Brazil in a 2001 ghetto-gold VW, all the while discovering her love of frozen açaí and everyday magic. She now lives in Colorado (although she prefers Brazil) where she's studying to become a shamanic practitioner. She owns and manages a variety of other businesses as well, from Amazon e-commerce to financial trading indicators (and has several others in the works!)
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